Week 8: BeeBots and Adobe Spark Video

Hello Year 3!

So far this term we’ve been working with the BeeBots quite a bit! We’ve programmed them to move through mazes, across maps and even to create their own artwork. Today you will be using two BeeBots to choreograph a dance!

Your challenge is to use two BeeBots to make them ‘dance’ with each other. This means that their moves must not exactly be identical, but they should mirror one another. Take a look at the video below for some inspiration!

Dancing BeeBots

Tip: You will need some paper and pencils to record you programming for each BeeBot, that way you won’t forget or miss a step and have to start all over again!

We are also going to explore Code Studio: Minecraft Hour of Code

Click the picture below to get to challenge.

Make sure you click on the right option – Minecraft Advernturer

Good luck!

Miss Crowther

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Week 7 – BeeBots and Adobe Spark

Hi Year 3! Below are the login details for Adobe Spark. Today we are going to explore Adobe Spark Post and Video.

NOTE: Please make sure you click the very bottom option that says – Already have an Adobe ID? Log in now.

*Check the whiteboard for our log in details



We are also going to program our BeeBots to create BeeBot art! Below is a video example! With your partner, see how creative you can be, what final piece of art can you produce?



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Week 6: Coding

This week we split into two groups to complete two coding rotations.

Rotation 1: We used Code Studio’s Hour of Code to customise our own version of Flappy Bird!
flappy-birdIt was a little bit tricky coding multiple ‘events’ but we soon got the hang of it. You can see below that we had to drag and drop blocks of code to make sure an event occurred:
– when run
– when click
-when hit an obstacle
Hopefully you took your certificate home to show your family! Mine went straight onto my fridge!!  If you didn’t finish and you’d like to complete the Flappy Bird unit and print your certificate at home, click here!

Rotation 2: We designed and constructed mazes and pathways using cotton buds, for our BeeBots to follow. We used a ruler to measure the exact length a BeeBot travels when it goes straight one step, as well as its measurements for a 90 degree turn. Below you can see the BeeBot and the buttons we used to program it. You can program up to 30 different steps in one sequence.



Well done everyone!

Miss Crowther

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Code Studio!

Hi Year 3s!

This week we are continuing to learn more about coding!

Below are 3 different options to explore on Code Studio’s Hour of Code. You can focus on one or try them all.

Click here to explore Artist

Click here to explore Play Lab

Click here to explore Flappy Bird

Click here to explore Star Wars

Good luck!

Miss Crowther

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BYOD Update 2017


Hopefully you managed to make it to the BYOD Info Night held on Tuesday evening. If you were unable to attend, please make sure you’ve picked up an information pack from the library. This pack contains important information regarding changes to the devices we will be using as of 2017.  Whilst the change from iPads to Google Chromebooks will be immediate for the classroom devices, it will be a three year phase out process for all students involved in the BYOD Program. 

Click here to access the slide deck from Tuesday’s presentation

Click here to access the updated FAQ sheet from the info pack

If you have further questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to visit the Information Literacy team in the library.

Miss Crowther

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Web + Log = BLOG :-)

Did you know that the word blog is derived from the two words web and log? The Grade Threes do! Today in Info Lit we explored the fabulous world of blogs, we spoke about how they can be an awesome source of information and entertainment. After visiting the OPS Classroom Blogs, the students brainstormed a list of things that they enjoyed reading on the blogs and ways in which they could be improved. Some of the things the kids would like to see more of on the classroom blogs include-

– News

– Jokes

– Riddles

– Competitions eg. weekly problem solving challenge

– Interesting words

– Activities

– Information

– Explanations with the photos posted

Next week we are looking forward to learning how to make high quality comments on blog posts.

Mrs Williams

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Coding for Kids 1: What is Computer Coding?