Week 6: Coding

This week we split into two groups to complete two coding rotations.

Rotation 1: We used Code Studio’s Hour of Code to customise our own version of Flappy Bird!
flappy-birdIt was a little bit tricky coding multiple ‘events’ but we soon got the hang of it. You can see below that we had to drag and drop blocks of code to make sure an event occurred:
– when run
– when click
-when hit an obstacle
Hopefully you took your certificate home to show your family! Mine went straight onto my fridge!!  If you didn’t finish and you’d like to complete the Flappy Bird unit and print your certificate at home, click here!

Rotation 2: We designed and constructed mazes and pathways using cotton buds, for our BeeBots to follow. We used a ruler to measure the exact length a BeeBot travels when it goes straight one step, as well as its measurements for a 90 degree turn. Below you can see the BeeBot and the buttons we used to program it. You can program up to 30 different steps in one sequence.



Well done everyone!

Miss Crowther

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