Week 8: BeeBots and Adobe Spark Video

Hello Year 3!

So far this term we’ve been working with the BeeBots quite a bit! We’ve programmed them to move through mazes, across maps and even to create their own artwork. Today you will be using two BeeBots to choreograph a dance!

Your challenge is to use two BeeBots to make them ‘dance’ with each other. This means that their moves must not exactly be identical, but they should mirror one another. Take a look at the video below for some inspiration!

Dancing BeeBots

Tip: You will need some paper and pencils to record you programming for each BeeBot, that way you won’t forget or miss a step and have to start all over again!

We are also going to explore Code Studio: Minecraft Hour of Code

Click the picture below to get to challenge.

Make sure you click on the right option – Minecraft Advernturer

Good luck!

Miss Crowther

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