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Term Four – let the FUN begin…

Welcome back everyone.

Hope you all did some exciting things in your holidays! I know some of you have been busy on Skooville and I hope you have all finished your ‘Things I like page’ I’m looking forward to seeing them all this week.

We have a busy term ahead… There are two new apps for us to learn, iMovie and Strip Designer, some yummy and messy cooking fun in the kitchen and Christmas activities to do. We are going to finish reading the 52 Storey Treehouse and then read a Paul Jennings book. There’s a prize for the first person to guess which Paul Jennings book we are reading. Put your guess in a comment on this blog post…good luck 🙂

See you Monday and Wednesday

Broughy 🙂

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Commenting on Blogs

Over the next couple of weeks we will be learning how to comment on the Grade 3 Info Lit Blog and the Grade Three Class Blogs.  Blog comments are what make a blog interactive and social. Somewhere on a blog posts is an area for visitors to leave a comment about each post. See below…

Photo 18-08-2014 11 04 24 am

Everyone will get a blogging card with their email address to take home, so you can comment at school and from home. We are going to write our comments following some simple rules.

Here’s some tips on how to write a good blogging comment…

Writing a great Blog Comment

  • write your comment like a letter by including a greeting, content and a closing.
  • always use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and spacing.
  • compliment the writer in a specific way, ask a question or add new information.
  • write a relevant comment that is related to the post.
  • do not reveal any personal information about yourself in your comment.
  • always read over the comment and edit submitting.

Photo 18-08-2014 11 03 42 am

So lets get started… I’m looking forward to reading your comments 🙂

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