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Our Strip Designs

Here are some of the awesome Strip Designs we finished off this week.  The grade threes had lots of fun imagining the luxurious cars, boats, houses and other items they would have if they were billionaires!  You can click on each picture if you want to have a better look.  Well done guys!

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Help! I’m Turning into a Dragon!

This week when we were reading our novel in Info Lit, Billy began turning into into a dragon. The grade three students used the Camera app and the Drawing Pad app to make themselves look like they were beginning to turn into dragons too! Press play on our slideshow to take a look at some of our work.  We also revised how to save our work to the Camera Roll, how to move our image to our own photo album, and we saved our work to the school server using the WebDavNav+ app.  The grade threes sure are becoming very skilled iPad users!  Well done 🙂





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Welcome to Info Lit 2015

Welcome back grade threes! My name is Mrs Paterno and, along with Ms McLeod,  I will be your teacher for Info Lit.  Ms McLeod and I are both very excited to be teaching you this year.  As a brand new teacher to OPS, it was fantastic to meet you all for the first week of Info Lit.

This term we are reading an excellent novel called Billy is a Dragon, by Nick Falk.  A lot of the work we will be doing using the iPads will be centred around the book.  We will be revising Camera Skills, Photos, Pic Collage, Drawing Pad and Google searching, and we will be producing some amazing pieces of work!

Your Info Lit sessions are every Friday.  See you on Friday.

Mrs Paterno 🙂

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iMovie app – Trailers

iMovie for iOSTrailers

Trailers are a fun way of creating movie previews by combining pre-made storyboards and existing graphic templates.

When starting a new trailer, there’s a choice of different movie genres, all containing sample footage as inspiration. Choosing a genre will take you to an outline view, where you put the name of your movie and the credits. From there you move to the storyboard tab to see what shots you need to fill in. Then you can either photograph or video your shots. You can set the start and end point of each transition on the photos or video to create the mood you need.

The trailer feature is a lot of fun, and gives you an awesome movie trailer at the end of the process.  iMovie is a great place for kids to start filming and learning the filmmaking process.

The only problem is its a paid app and it’s quite expensive $6.49 and it takes up 643MB of your iPad storage.

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Explain Everything…

We have been busy completing three of the eight slides in our explain everything presentations. Here’s a sample of two of the slides. It made us very hungry as we looked at our photos and remembered those cookies 😉

We also had a practice at recording our voice, deleting it and rerecording. It was interesting to see who loved the sound of their own voice and who were a bit timid when it came to speaking and recording.

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Explain Everything

Photo 17-05-2014 4 27 49 pm

Over the next few weeks we will be working with another one of our core apps – Explain Everything. It’s not a free app but well worth the $3.79

The Explain Everything App is a great way to have students present what they have learned.

Explain Everything teaches students to communicate ideas and think more critically when they have to explain a concept to others. They can create slides, draw in any colour, add shapes, add text, and use a laser pointer. Rotate, move, scale, copy, paste, and add new or existing photos and videos. They can record and annotate over multiple pages (slides) and then export their project as a video to the camera roll on the iPad.

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ios7notesiconNotes is a an easy to use note taking app. It can be used for entering basic text. At school we use it for collecting data, web references and story writing.

This information can be shared with others or used in a range of presentation apps.This week we are going to use Notes to collect data and web references. We will be doing some research on David Walliams book – Gangsta Granny.

You will need to have a quote from David Walliams and a web reference in Notes ready to use on a PicCollage.

We will be using Google Images to save an image of the Gangsta Granny book cover to Photos and Drawing Pad to draw a picture of what we think Gangsta Granny looks like.

Now I know you think that’s a lot to do but you guys are really clever and we haven’t quite finished yet!

Your final task is a TEST… 

In Pic Collage create a collage using the information and web reference you saved to Notes, your Drawing Pad picture of Gangsta Granny and the book cover image you save in Photos. Don’t forget to SAVE the collage to Photos.

Finally upload your collage to Dropbox, in the folder called Pic Collage Gangsta Granny.

Good luck and I’m looking forward to seeing all your Pic Collages 😉


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The Camera app and Video

camera iconThis week we will be looking at the video function in the Camera app. Not only will we be doing some videoing but we will be presenting as well.

A few tips for videoing are: keep the iPad as still as possible – creating a stand out of the cover is a great way to make sure there is no movement in your video. Try and find a quiet place to video as the camera app picks up all the sounds in the room. If you are presenting remember to talk loud and clearly. We will only be filming your hands and your voice!

chatterboxes 1

So what are we videoing??? We are making an instructional video on how to make a chatterbox

Don’t panic I’ll teach you first how to make a chatterbox and then you can make your own video with instructions.

I know you’ll have lots of fun making ‘chatterboxes’ and even more FUN videoing

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Photo 6-03-2014 10 45 46 amThe week the kids have been waiting for… learning how to PRINT!

This requires learning usernames and passwords so it could prove challenging!


I’m hoping to inspire them by creating some cool ‘selfie’ collages using PicCollage. It’s also a good chance for them to revise their PicCollage skills. Not only are they to include a photo of themselves, I’m expecting them to describe their personality to me.

Watch this space…  hopefully we will all learn how to print and I’ll get some good collages to show you!

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Drawing Pad App and Skills

Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 3.36.48 PM

This week we revisited the Drawing Pad App and revised the skills we learnt last year in grade 2. Here’s a list of what we should know how to find and use…


  • Home
  • Drawing Tools
  • Scrunch it up
  • Erasers
  • Stamps
    •    Lock
    •    Stamp to the background
    •    Select stamp from photo album
  • Text
    •    Create text box
    •    Change colour
    •    Change font
    •    Change size
  • Save to the camera roll
  • Set a photo as the background
  • Remember the picture continues under the sliding toolbox
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