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Cyber Safety and Skooville

Photo 12-07-2014 4 52 49 pmAs part of our cyber safety program we will be introducing the Grade Threes to Skooville.

Skooville is a motivating way to introduce children aged 6 – 14 years to the online world safely and responsibly. They receive personalized feedback from moderators, who are teachers and fully trained, police-checked and skilled in working with children online. The most important thing is that all children are safe. They are protected every minute they are online by moderators. Skooville provides incentives for good online behavior and also helps students learn to adjust and make better, informed choices with the help of moderators should any mistakes be made.

Students can design their own personal home pages; enter competitions, review books, films, work together on projects and collect virtual badges. There are games, clubs and a wide range of educational activities for students to access. Skooville teaches digital literacy and introduces students to essential web skills in a fun, safe and motivating environment.

The Skooville Conversation system provides the means to easily and safely create personal, group and “everyone” chats. Using this system students learn what it really means to take responsibility for what they say online. Filters prevent harmful and bullying messages being sent at all. Teachers are able to view their own students’ conversations and they are also checked 24/7 by the trained moderators.

Skooville is a learning phenomenon and will help prepare your child for the tomorrow’s online world, educating them in internet safety and giving them a fun and purposeful community environment in which to play and to learn, at school and at home.

In the next coming weeks the Grade Threes will be bringing home their usernames and passwords for Skooville. Take the time to have a look and explore Skooville with your child or you can go and have a look now at

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Skooville – creating Home Pages

Over the past two weeks we have been learning how to create a HOME Page in Skooville. A Home Page is a personal themed page that doesn’t reveal too much personal information. Our Home Pages are titled ‘Things I like…’

The steps we had to follow were:
1. Go to the Me section and click ‘start my site’.
2. Add a page then click the name of the page to edit and add a title name.
3. Explore how to add different items such as images, emoticons, formatting text, changing layouts and adding colour.
4. Adding images involved shopping at the market or uploading our own pictures. To shop we needed to earn coins. To do this we began gathering our skoodle stars.

Everyone has til the first week in term four to complete their page. There are prizes for the best ones…so work hard, jazz up your page and make sure you add the WOW factor!!!

Here’s one page that is in the running to win so far…


Have fun and I’m looking forward to seeing your finished ‘Things I Like’ pages…

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