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Marshmallow Challenge…

The grade three’s will be refining their explain everything skills over the next two weeks. They already know how to save their project, create new slides, add text, insert images, make arrows, record their voice and create a movie presentation. They now need to edit their text by changing fonts, size and colour, use the delete button and remove any extra slides they have created. So to do this we will be completing the marshmallow challenge…

Photo 12-07-2014 4 21 37 pm

You will need to take photos along the way, just like we did when we made chocolate chip cookies. Make sure you photograph…

  • the materials,
  • your group members
  • the start of your tower
  • the halfway mark of your tower
  • and the final tower with the marshmallow balanced on top

Remember to put all your photos in your album 🙂

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Presentations!

After three weeks of hard work the grade three’s have made their first explain everything presentation. They have learnt how to save their project, create new slides, add text, insert images, make arrows, record their voice and create a movie presentation.

Everyone was very excited when they watched their movie presentation and heard their voices for the first time.

Here’s a sample of the last slide the grade three’s created…

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Explain Everything…

We have been busy completing three of the eight slides in our explain everything presentations. Here’s a sample of two of the slides. It made us very hungry as we looked at our photos and remembered those cookies 😉

We also had a practice at recording our voice, deleting it and rerecording. It was interesting to see who loved the sound of their own voice and who were a bit timid when it came to speaking and recording.

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Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

Photo 26-05-2014 12 13 42 pm


After having fun last week its time to put all that learning into an explain everything presentation. This will probably take us two to three weeks to finish. I’ve included what needs to be put on each slide to help you. It’s your choice to choose what fonts and colours you use.


Slide 1: title, photo of your one cookie, first name and grade.

Slide 2: photo of ingredients and a text box to label each ingredient.

Slide 3: photo of the recipe, an arrow pointing to the recipe and a text box with – Mrs Brough’s Nan’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Slide 4: photo of the butter and sugar in the mixer and text box with – beat the butter and sugars together, then add egg and vanilla.

Slide 5: photo of the flour and choc chips in the bowl and text box with – stir in flour and choc chips.

Slide 6: photo of the cookie dough on the trays and text box with – put 12 spoonfuls of cookie dough on each tray.

Slide 7: photo of cookies cooling on the tray and text box with – for soft gooey cookies leave the cookies to cool on the tray.

Slide 8: photo of your ‘selfie’ and a text box with – a description of how the cookies tasted.

Finally record your voice on each slide so we can make this project into a video 😉

Save your project as a movie and go to photos to watch your finished presentation.

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Fun with M & M’s

This week we will be exploring the app Explain Everything.

You’ll learn how to:

  • add text, change fonts, colour and size of text
  • add and edit an image
  • undo your mistakes
  • open new slides and delete extra slides
  • add arrows
  • record your voice
  • save your project and create a movie

To help us have fun while we learn, we will be using mini M & M’s packets.

Your task is to:

  • make your first explain everything presentation with 5 slides
  • create a title page
  • guess the number of M & M’s in your pack
  • guess which M & M colour appears the most in your packet
  • sort the colours out and tell me how many of each colour you have
  • take a selfie of you eating your M & M’s
  • record your voice on each slide 🙂

This means you’ll need to take photos along the way. So remember our camera rules and take clear photos.

Your reward for finishing this week is, yes you can eat your M & M’s

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