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Outlines and Storyboards

So where do you start…with the Outline.

  • First choose a picture story book for your iMovie book trailer
  • open iMovie and select trailer
  • choose the theme you think suits your book
  • click on create in the top left hand corner
  • it’s time to fill out the outline. The outline is the name of trailer(book title), cast(characters in the book), studio(your name/nickname) and credits
  • credits are the director(your name), editor(your name), written by(author of the book), executive producer(your name), production designer(your name), costume designer(illustrator of the book), casting(author of the book) and music(iMovie)

Photo 13-10-2014 10 02 46 am

The outline is complete and now its time to move onto the storyboard

  • its time to take photos. Make sure they are clear and not blurry.
  •  editing the photos are a little bit trickier
  • touch the photo you wish to edit and edit shot will appear on the right hand side of the screen
  • pinch the photo on the screen until you are happy and that will set the start picture
  • click on end and set the photo exactly the same way, then click done and it will save
  • you’ll need sentences from your book to connect the trailer together
  • click on the blue paint line and you can change the writing to link with your book
  • click the back arrow and select he share button to create movies out of finished book trailers
  • save video and choose medium export size
  • the book trailer will save to photos
  • put a copy into ‘own’ album and a copy in WebDAVNav named book trailers

Photo 21-10-2014 2 23 53 pm

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iMovie app – Trailers

iMovie for iOSTrailers

Trailers are a fun way of creating movie previews by combining pre-made storyboards and existing graphic templates.

When starting a new trailer, there’s a choice of different movie genres, all containing sample footage as inspiration. Choosing a genre will take you to an outline view, where you put the name of your movie and the credits. From there you move to the storyboard tab to see what shots you need to fill in. Then you can either photograph or video your shots. You can set the start and end point of each transition on the photos or video to create the mood you need.

The trailer feature is a lot of fun, and gives you an awesome movie trailer at the end of the process.  iMovie is a great place for kids to start filming and learning the filmmaking process.

The only problem is its a paid app and it’s quite expensive $6.49 and it takes up 643MB of your iPad storage.

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