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Week One, Term Four: Coding with BeeBots

Welcome back to Term Four! The grade threes had some fun with the BeeBots in Info Lit this week. BeeBots are bee shaped programable robots, which are excellent for introducing students to coding and programming.

First, in small groups we gave each other instructions, and programmed them to move from one place to another around the mats. Next we made these task cards (using Pic Collage). The task cards will be swapped with a partner next week, and we will have to try and follow the path our partner has made. Take a look at Ms McLeod having a turn at following Josh’s task card:

Did she follow the path correctly?¬† Put your answer in the comments ūüôā


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Book Week

This week at OPS was Book Week.  On Friday, students and teachers came to school dressed up as their favourite character from a book.  We had a parade in the hall, and everyone who took part looked absolutely fantastic!

shadow puppetBack in the library, we used the Olly book search app to find the book that our character came from.  We then used the Shadow Puppet app to create a photo story.



Take a look at some of our creations…..

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Lego Movie App

During term 2, the grade three students had some fun with the Lego Movie app. Lego

They built some fantastic backdrops with Lego, and made some animated movies featuring the Lego mini-figs.  Lego Movie Maker is great fun, easy to use, and it is free! Here are some photos of the grade threes having fun making their movies.


Here are a couple of movies that were made.


We hope the students continue to make some animations at home in the future!



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Our Strip Designs

Here are some of the awesome Strip Designs we finished off this week.  The grade threes had lots of fun imagining the luxurious cars, boats, houses and other items they would have if they were billionaires!  You can click on each picture if you want to have a better look.  Well done guys!

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Grade Three Superheroes on Drawing Pad

The grade threes turned themselves into superheroes this week in Info Lit.¬† In our novel, ‘Billy is a Dragon’, the main character Billy is having a superhero birthday party.¬† This inspired us to turn ourselves into superheroes.

We took photos of each other, and inserted the photo into Drawing Pad.  We then used the Drawing Pad tools to give ourselves superpowers.  The children had lots of fun with this activity and they were really creative!

Here are some are some of our fantastic pieces of work.

Mrs Paterno ūüôā

ammaar3am guru 3am savana Super Has Super Mel Kylie

We hope you like them!


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Lego Challenge

This weeks first challenge is to take a photo of a lego¬†character in an indoor or outdoor setting. You’ll need to make sure your photo is clear and the lego¬†character is the focus of your photo. Think about what type of lego figure you’ve chosen and what type of environment might suit that character…

Make sure you put your photo in your album for next week

Your second challenge is to name your lego figurine, create a superpower for the character and make a list of 15 characteristics the figurine may have Рeither on the  inside (emotions and feelings) or on the outside (looks and appearance)

Make your list in Notes, making sure to put your name and grade at the top

Have fun, get creative and use your imagination….:)

Photo 23-11-2014 12 22 49 pm Photo 10-11-2014 9 57 29 am







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Outlines and Storyboards

So where do you start…with the Outline.

  • First choose¬†a picture story book for your iMovie book trailer
  • open iMovie and select trailer
  • choose the theme you think suits your book
  • click on create in the top left hand corner
  • it’s time to fill out the outline. The outline is the name of trailer(book title), cast(characters in the book), studio(your name/nickname) and credits
  • credits are the director(your name), editor(your name), written by(author of the book), executive producer(your name), production designer(your name), costume designer(illustrator of the book), casting(author of the book) and music(iMovie)

Photo 13-10-2014 10 02 46 am

The outline is complete and now its time to move onto the storyboard

  • its time to take photos. Make sure they are clear and not blurry.
  • ¬†editing the photos are a little bit trickier
  • touch the photo you wish to edit and edit shot will appear on the right hand side of the screen
  • pinch the photo on the screen until you are happy and that will set the start picture
  • click on end and set the photo exactly the same way, then click done and it will save
  • you’ll need sentences from your book to connect the trailer together
  • click on the blue paint line and you can change the writing to link with your book
  • click the back arrow and select he share button to create movies out of finished book trailers
  • save video¬†and choose medium export size
  • the book trailer will save to photos
  • put a copy into ‚Äėown‚Äô album and a copy in WebDAVNav named book trailers

Photo 21-10-2014 2 23 53 pm

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