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Lego Challenge

This weeks first challenge is to take a photo of a lego¬†character in an indoor or outdoor setting. You’ll need to make sure your photo is clear and the lego¬†character is the focus of your photo. Think about what type of lego figure you’ve chosen and what type of environment might suit that character…

Make sure you put your photo in your album for next week

Your second challenge is to name your lego figurine, create a superpower for the character and make a list of 15 characteristics the figurine may have Рeither on the  inside (emotions and feelings) or on the outside (looks and appearance)

Make your list in Notes, making sure to put your name and grade at the top

Have fun, get creative and use your imagination….:)

Photo 23-11-2014 12 22 49 pm Photo 10-11-2014 9 57 29 am







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Mother’s Day Pic Collages

The stories and messages the Grade Threes wrote about their Mum’s were just beautiful. They made me smile, laugh and yes even brought tears to my eyes.

You should be as proud of them as I am. To achieve a finished product this week they had to open and use five different apps.

So here’s a few collages dedicated to YOU Mum…

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Story Writing and Pic Collage

Since you are all such CLEVER kids I thought I’d give you another test but with less instructions… Don’t PANIC…I know you’ll all do GREAT!

Photo 11-05-2014 12 22 02 pm

 This week you need to:

  • draw a picture of your Mum and you in Drawing Pad and save your drawing to Photos.
  • go to Notes and write about what you did on Mother’s Day with your Mum, what you gave her and why you love her so much. Make sure you write your name and grade on your page before you start ūüôā
  • open a new Pic Collage, add your drawing of your Mum from Photos and your text from Notes – don’t forget to change the background colour and make sure everything fits on your page!!!
  • save your Pic Collage to Photos and¬†upload your finished Pic Collage to Dropbox to the folder called Mother’s Day Pic Collage.
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