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Camera Skills and Pic Collage

Hi everyone,

This week in Info Lit we took some photos and made Pic Collages.  While we were taking our photos we revised Camera Skills such as camera position, using the front and rear cameras, taking close ups, focussing, taking group photos and using the camera grid.

We went outside and took some fantastic photos around the school, and when we came back inside we got started on our Pic Collages.  When we made our Pic Collages there were some specific skills we had to use; such as adding photos, editing photos, changing the background, adding text, and changing the colour and font of the text.

Here are just a few of the amazing Pic Collages our grade threes made.  Well done!

Grade 3 Pic Collages

Grade 3 Pic Collages




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The 52 Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

YEAH!!!! Finally we got to read The 52 Storey Treehouse… It’s been a long wait but after reading the first two chapters we decided it was definitely worth waiting 🙂
Andy and Terry have added 13 more storeys to their treehouse. So using the Drawing Pad app the grade threes drew which storey they would most like to visit.
Here’s some of their drawings…



Now there are twelve pictures of the new storeys included here.
There’s a prize for the first grade three person to comment on this post and let me know which of the new storeys of the treehouse is missing???
Happy hunting 🙂

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Check out our Pic Collages on the Marshmallow Challenge!

To help us practice our printing skills we created a pic collage about the marshmallow challenge we took part in a couple of weeks ago. We are all getting better at following the steps of printing and remembering our usernames and passwords. Here’s some of the pic collages…

We are also learning how to navigate our new storage app WebDAV Nav. The Grade Three’s have adapted to the change from Dropbox to WebDAV Nav with ease.

Such CLEVER kids 🙂

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Mother’s Day Pic Collages

The stories and messages the Grade Threes wrote about their Mum’s were just beautiful. They made me smile, laugh and yes even brought tears to my eyes.

You should be as proud of them as I am. To achieve a finished product this week they had to open and use five different apps.

So here’s a few collages dedicated to YOU Mum…

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Story Writing and Pic Collage

Since you are all such CLEVER kids I thought I’d give you another test but with less instructions… Don’t PANIC…I know you’ll all do GREAT!

Photo 11-05-2014 12 22 02 pm

 This week you need to:

  • draw a picture of your Mum and you in Drawing Pad and save your drawing to Photos.
  • go to Notes and write about what you did on Mother’s Day with your Mum, what you gave her and why you love her so much. Make sure you write your name and grade on your page before you start 🙂
  • open a new Pic Collage, add your drawing of your Mum from Photos and your text from Notes – don’t forget to change the background colour and make sure everything fits on your page!!!
  • save your Pic Collage to Photos and upload your finished Pic Collage to Dropbox to the folder called Mother’s Day Pic Collage.
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Here’s just a few of the Gangsta Granny PicCollages…

WOW…I am so proud of all you! What a great job you all did. You managed to follow all the instructions, use multiple apps, and get your finished work into Dropbox. I knew you were CLEVER KIDS 🙂

It was really hard just choosing 8 collages for the Blog…but here they are:

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‘Selfie’ PicCollages

…well I have a few fantastic PicCollages to share with you but we had a few hiccups when it came to printing – not everything went as planned.

Here’s a sample of the Grade 3 ‘Selfie’ PicCollages. The kids had a great time creating them!

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Scavenger Hunt Winners and Runners Up…

It has taken three weeks for the Grade 3’s to complete the Scavenger Hunt task. It was really hard to choose just one winner from each grade…there were so many worthy winners!

Everyone has worked so hard over the last three weeks, using the Camera app, editing and creating albums in Photos, creating photo collages using the PicCollage app and saving their work to Dropbox.

But in the end it came down to photo quality, uniqueness, creativity, design, spelling and colour choice.

What an AWESOME job you did – CONGRATULATIONS to our WINNERS… 

Zoe 3MB, Meg 3L, Michelle 3W, Sophie 3M and Rehan 3G

Congratulations to our Runners Up – You did an AWESOME job too…

Christopher 3MB, Sara 3L, Jacob 3W, Matthew 3M and Corey 3G

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…part two – making a COLLAGE

This week it’s your job to create a photo collage with your scavenger hunt photos. We will be using the app PicCollage which has some colourful and fun features…

PicCollage was featured as one of the Best Apps of 2013. It’s a party with your photos and the best thing is that it’s FREE. The app allows you to create amazing collages using your photos, fun stickers, text with cool fonts and frames. It makes it the perfect app for capturing all your memories 🙂



Here’s a list of the PicCollage skills we will be learning over the next two weeks…


  • Adding photos
    • From the photo library
    • Using the camera
  • Changing the background
  • Changing the layout using templates
  • Adding text
    • Change font
    • Change colour
    • Change background colour
  • Adding stickers
  • Adding custom stickers
  • Editing photos
    • Change the border
    • Clip (crop) photo
    • Set a photo as the background
    • Send photos backwards and forwards
    • Delete photos
    • Recover photos from the bin
  • Saving your Pic Collage to the photo library

Stayed tuned to see some of our amazing photos and collages we create and of course our winners of the scavenger hunt 😉

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