Keynote Cartoons

Today we used Keynote in Information Literacy. The students learnt how to format text with the paintbrush tool, add text boxes, change the style of their text, animate transition slides, insert pictures from Safari and add speech bubbles.

They did such an amazing job!

nicole 3LM ethan Dominique binul 3bt

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The Grade 3 Students have been busy learning how to use Keynote in Information Literacy. Keynote is very similar to PowerPoint, it can be used to create and deliver engaging presentations. Some of the Grade 3s have decided to use it to present their minibeast projects. We’re looking forward to seeing their fabulous work in the coming weeks! 

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Grade 3 STEM Boat Design Challenge

Today the Grade 3s learnt about buoyancy and water displacement. They used this knowledge to design a watercraft to enter into our Info Lit Boat Design Challenge.

Next term the students will construct their boats and we will see whose boat can float and support the most weight! Watch this space 🙂

Boat Bakers Vincent Shayamie Neha Boat Buddies Harrison,Matthew,Qasim boat shifters ethan ava zylah Champion Boat Makers Liam alisha lakshya super studus Nicole Sharvari Nathaniel Chaneth,Tagan and Anuk

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Billy is a Dragon Pic Collage

Today the Grade 3 students learnt how to save images from the internet and reference where they retrieved them from. They used their images to decorate their Pic Collage posters with two other pieces of work that they created in Drawing Pad. Well done guys!Dominique sienna binul Vincent Qasim Nathaniel

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