Grade 3s Have Superpowers!

The Grade Three Students have been reading Billy is a Dragon in Information Literacy this term. Today they used inspiration from the story to turn themselves into super humans using Drawing Pad on the iPads. The pictures they created were super creative!

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Our Digital Footprints

The Grade 3 Students have been learning about being responsible digital citizens whilst using the internet. They created fabulous ‘digital footprints’ to educate others about things that are safe (green) to share when using the internet and things that we shouldn’t disclose (red) whilst online. Their fabulous work is on display in the library.

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Christmas Cooking

The year threes got into the swing of the festive season this week by making some reindeer biscuits in the kitchen. First we made the cookie dough, then we added our decorations. We used M&Ms for the eyes and noses, and pretzels for the antlers. 

We had so much fun! Our reindeers were really cute and really delicious!

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Minecraft Hour of Code

In keeping with our theme of coding for this term, our year threes had a go at programming Minecraft characters Alex and Steve to move through a Minecraft play space at

This programming site teaches kids about some of the basic elements of computer science, with video tutorials throughout the levels. I think we all know how much kids love Minecraft, so it was great to have such an engaging learning opportunity. Great job guys. 

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Coding with Kodable

This week in Info Lit, the year threes used the coding app Kodable. 

Kodable is based on the The Fuzz Family who crash-lands on planet Smeeborg and needs to explore the many mazes. To help them get through each maze and collect coins, kids use programming logic to drag and drop commands. They start off with Kodableblue Fuzz but can unlock others, which is part of the fun. Kids play through one level at a time, unlocking the next as they go. Level 1 is Smeeborg, which introduces kids to solving problems with sequential steps, using if/then conditional statements and loop commands. Level 2 moves into functions, and Level 3 introduces debugging. Kids have to smash bugs using the commands they’ve learned. With a series of directional arrow commands, kids lead cute, pastel balls of fuzz through Kodable’s 90 levels. Each level aims to teach kids something about thinking like a programmer and how to solve problems. As they navigate through the levels, children utilize functions, conditional statements, if/then statements and loops. As kids master a sequence the next concept is introduced.

The year three students LOVED Kodable!  I bet lots of mums and dads were asked by their kids if they could download the app at home.  Lucky it is free, and very educational 🙂

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